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deadbeatmagnet's Journal

7 September 1977
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80's music, abuse, abuse survivors, alcoholics anonymous, all things anti-biblical, amy winehouse, anorexia, babies, baiting, beastie boys, belly dancing, bellydancing, big love, biographies, black crowes, blue's clues, camping, carrie fisher, cats, charity, chat, chatting, class of 1995, classical, cosmetics, crafts, crochet, crocheting, cypress hill, danzig, days of our lives, daytime soaps, dennis leary, diet, dieting, discipline, doyle, doyle wolfgang von frankenstein, dr chud, eating disorders, ed, eighties music, exercise, fishing, fitness, fran drescher, friends, gary sinise, glenn danzig, hair bands, hank williams sr., hiking, hip hop, hot sauce, jackass, janes addiction, jazz, jerry only, jimmy hendrix, johnny knoxville, julia roberts, kazaa, king diamond, kiss, kittens, las cruces, latter day saints, lds, led zepplin, livejournal, marijuana, marriage, men, metal, misfits, molestation, mormons, morpheus, movies, multiples, music, my babies, new mexico state university, nmsu, onate, onate high school, outdoor activities, pantera, parenting, pedophiles, perry ferrel, phil anselmo, piercings, pizza, playing violin, porno for pyros, pot, pregnancy, primus, pulp fiction, punk, quilting, ramones, rap, reading, recipies, relationships, rob zombie, rock, san andres, san andres high school, santa fe, seinfeld, sewing, sex, sexual abuse, sexual abuse survivors, sexual molestation, simpsons, single parents, singles in santa fe, smashing pumpkins, smoking, snowboarding, southpark, st lunatics, static x, swimming, tattoos, thc, tom hanks, twins, violin, vista, vista middle school, wayne static, weed, weight, white zombie.